“To sell oneself by making others believe one is giving and never letting oneself be caught.”

In the spirit of discreet luxury, voluptuous intimacy, and authenticity, Maison Souquet resurrects an era that fascinated the entire world.

From the outside, nothing hints at the enchanting nature of this confidential place. One must enter the secret of its lounges to discover its magic. Its decor restores the flamboyance of these pleasure houses in Montmartre, where lightness, exhilaration, and exoticism mingled, as evidenced by the entrance and its marvelous Moorish salon reminiscent of a painting by Delacroix.

Dating back to the 19th century, every piece of art, rare chandelier, sculpture with illustrious signatures, each piece of furniture and decorative element—Napoleon III armchairs, discreet satin damasks, intricately carved woodwork or precious silks—and every painting of female nudes has been chosen and staged with extreme authenticity in mind, resurrecting the romantic atmosphere of a Belle Époque brighter than ever with its array of artisans, painters, and writers.


An interior architect and aesthete, Jacques Garcia is one of the greatest decorators of today. From Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Marrakech to Doha, passing through New York, London, and Paris, he leaves his signature with unparalleled talent all over the world, in legendary hotels as well as in the grandest palaces and splendid private residences. Disregarding trends and prioritizing refinement, elegance, and conviviality, his signature is unmistakable.

As a faithful partner, Jacques Garcia has been involved with the Collection Maisons Particulières project since its inception: just like Maison Athénée and Maison Proust, Maison Souquet bears his inimitable imprint. Transforming what was Madame Souquet’s brothel between 1905 and 1907, he retained its codes in layout and decor, creating one of the most unique luxury hotels in Paris.


Owners of the Collection Maisons Particulières, Sylviane Sanz and Yoni Aïdan commissioned the famous French decorator Jacques Garcia to stage Maison Souquet.

Passionately curated, the fruits of their searches—art objects, ancient books, paintings, and period furniture—compose a decor of rare elegance, restoring the warm yet subdued spirit of the salons from the turn of the centuries. These were immortalized with talented realism by the greatest painters and writers of the time.


Collection Maisons Particulières comprises hotels designed as elegant private residences. Confidential and intimate, they reflect the spirit and soul of Paris. Preferring refined luxury over ostentation, these houses offer an extraordinary “home away from home” experience, surrounded by the benevolent presence of a service that combines discretion and discernment. Maison Souquet, on the outskirts of Montmartre, a former pleasure house of the Belle Époque transformed into a small palace, Maison Athénée, a few steps from the Opéra Garnier, paying homage to the theater, and Maison Proust, in the heart of the Marais, reminiscent of the aristocratic salons of the Belle Époque, belong to Collection Maisons Particulières.