“I ascended slowly, lighting a candle-match from time to time, hitting the steps with my feet, stumbling // behind the skirt whose rustling I heard in front of me.”

Guy de Maupassant

The enchantment of the salons continues on the upper floors. Along dimly lit corridors where a few delicate engravings emerge here and there, the rooms open up. Each room, inspired by Chinese, Indian, Japanese, or Napoleon III styles, bears the name of a courtesan in memory of the place’s past. Two thousand square meters of silks, harmoniously matched with period colors, were required to personalize these settings: crimson print for Carmen, peacock feather motif for Rita, Chinese pagodas and foliage for Marguerite, yellow and black tones in an Empire style for the sumptuous suite of La Païva, and floral scrolls for the Liane de Pougy suite, inspired by Jeanne Lanvin’s apartment designed by Armand-Albert Rateau.

Combined with unparalleled refinement and comfort, the modernity of each of these exceptional alcoves has been cleverly concealed to perfect their authentic atmosphere.


 – 16 to 18m² – 

At the heart of dreams, in the intimacy of the evening, the magic of a silky cocoon of warm-hued drapes to steal a few moments away from the world’s hustle and bustle.


 – 26 to 28 m² – 

Through their names that have withstood the test of time, these junior suites celebrate the great Parisian courtesans. Adorned with paintings, objects, and precious draperies, each offering a unique style, they extend the magic of salons for a journey of all senses, in the curves of lounges and the voluptuous reverie of a bygone era.


 – 55m² – 

To envision oneself as the heroine of a novel by Maupassant or Colette, in a voluptuous setting of soft sofas, delicate silks, mirrors, and light paintings…